Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Sigh... What's happening to me? I used to be much better. Am I taking a turn for the worse right now? Please don't... At least not during such a crucial period of my life. I'm going to need everything I have to get through this unscathed. 'Great'! Jammed again.... Something's not right but what??? My brain? My hands? What?! What?! I can't seem to put my feelings, emotions, opinions, ideas, criticism, comments etc into words lately. Has the typewriter in my brain gone haywire??? Why do I have trouble expressing myself? Did my brain just switch into reverse gear without my knowing? The last thing that I'd want before my MUET test is to be deprived of all my writing skills... GOD IF YOU ARE UP THERE, PLEASE HELP ME!!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010


B.O.B - Nothing On You
Taio Cruz - Break Ma Heart
Train - Hey, Soul Sister
Cheryl Cole - Fight For This Love
Ludacris - Ma Chick Bad
Usher feat. will.i.am - o.m.g
Bedrock - Young Money
Timbaland feat. Kate Perry - If We Ever Meet Again
Timbaland - Say Something
B.E.P - Imma Bee
Rihanna - Rude Boy
Selena Gomez and The Scene - Naturally
Lady Gaga - Alejandro
The Script - Breakeven
Lady Antebellum - Need You Now
Ke$ha - Your Love Is Ma Drug
Greenday - Last of The American Girl
Lil Wayne - Drop The World
Snoop Dog - That Tree
Paper Tongues - Trinity
Artic Monkeys - My Propeller
Colby Caillat - I Never Told You
Cypress Hill - Armada Latina

MUET - Mind Ur English Teh eu jin!!!

Tick tock tick tock~ The clock just keeps on ticking. I'm seriously running out of time. Its exactly a week before my MUET writing, reading and listening test. Oh my gaaaawd! Everything is happening too quickly.. I just had my mid term test weeks ago and now this??? Give me a break. There seemed to be many things for me to do right now. A forest of tutorial trees, an ocean full of assignment sharks, and a bottomless pit filled with little demons who keep yelling "We are your final exam papers!"... Sigh... *shoulders drooping, head facing the ground, raises the white flag* I give up. COME AND GET ME!!! Ok... Maybe not. 'Bout time I start taking things seriously. First things first and bye bye procrastination. Off to read the paper. Hope it will do me some good in my upcoming test. And my shallow pool of general knowledge. =P

Sunday, April 11, 2010

You are like the wind~

You are like the wind... That's how I feel about you. Your attitude can change overnight... As if some ghost possessed you or something. And you start acting so weirdly... What's the problem exactly you tell me??? Have I done something that you are not happy with? Why are all the members of your species like this? Is it fun to just step into someone's life, make a mess out of it and then just bail for no reason whatsoever??? You tell me... Damn I hate you so much. I. HATE. YOU.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


It may seem like you were talking about someone else...

But deep inside my heart I can feel that I was the one you were referring to...
I know I'm not good enough for you...
Well as a matter of fact I never thought I was good enough for anybody...
Everything from the start till the end was sincerely platonic...
Perhaps you must have seen things the wrong way...
Maybe something I did caused you to misunderstood my intentions..
I'm sorry if I said or did something wrong that may have hurt or annoyed you in any way...
I'm sorry...
I promise you...
You won't hear from me...
Ever again.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010








你要知道,假若她不喜欢你,你根本就没有本事让她哭泣,让她即使生气也 不会超过2天。




于是,你们总是莫名其妙的彼此错过,也许擦身而过,本身就是一种悲伤着 的无奈与幸福。



因为她喜欢你,所以她才会生你的气;而又因为喜欢你,她才不会去生气很 久。

你可知道,每个女孩子的心都是水晶做的,晶莹剔透,但是很容易就碰伤摔 碎。

你可知道,每个女孩子都是不设防的,你那么轻易就闯进她的心,走的时候 却只留下伤害。

她从来都不知道,这个世界上根本没有可以让她哭的人,因为真正值得她哭 的那个根本舍不得让她哭。

她会很矜持,她会很骄傲,她会很冷淡,她总是嘴里说着你走开,心里却一 直叫你留下。



如果你喜欢她,请你多陪她;如果你喜欢她,请你多宠她;如果你喜欢她, 请你多让她。




你爱她,她爱你,如此就已经足够。不要试图让彼此的伤害,让彼此更加脆 弱悲伤。




越是安静战火就越传,这是冷战也是彼此的伤害——无论是怎么的复合,那 些伤口曾经存在,抹不去。



请记住,相爱的人不要轻易宣战,因为冷战带来的伤害,超出你的预计。 也 请记住,只要你喜欢她,没有什么是你接受不了的,只要你喜欢她,就喜欢 她的一切一切。


也请记住,她喜欢你,她需要的不是你真的转身,她嘴里说着的也不是她的 真心话。


Monday, March 22, 2010


OLA! Its been a while, folks! Have been kinda bu... Okok... VERY busy with ma work lately. There were assignments, tests, presentations, dramas etc etc. Not to mention another two more test after ma mid term break. Geeez! Never-ending piles of work for me to do! OH GAWD! I just remembered that I haven't completed ma physics assignment which was due...erm...last Friday. Somebody please kill me =( The questions alone are enough to make me faint. Answering them would drain my life force out of me. So, lets just forget about it. For now. Anyway, life's good, very good. I felt that I'm in love with acting now. =P There was simply so much fun portraying the lollipop-sucking police officer who has a bit of Hitler and L (from Death note) flavor in it. I still find it hard to believe that I actually mimicked the way L answers his phone!!! Ma poor group mate. He, or should I say, 'SHE' had to put on make-up so thick that outsiders would have mistaken him/her for a Chinese opera actor. The sight of him adjusting his 'boobs' in the midst of the drama... Well, what can I say? HAHAHAHAHA!!! It was hilarious! His actions were so funny to the extent that ma lecturer, who was evaluating our performance, choked on her drink and the water went up into her nose!!! Sorry Miss Yasmina... We didn't do that on purpose. Really. *giggles* Today's the first day of ma mid term break. And, as expected, it turned out to be a pretty boring one. So what else can I do besides..you guess it... Blogging!!! It certainly feels great being able to share ma experiences with you all through words. Worry not! There will be more to come from me, THE Eujin. *perasan-ing* This is ME signing off. Adios folks!!!

Ps: Forgive me for ma lousy writing skills. It hasn't improved one bit, I know. Haha. I will see what can I do about it.